“911, what’s your emergency?”

“…It’s chilly outside, you know… very chilly. It goes straight to your bones.”

“Sir, please, you reached an emergency line. Please tell me what seems to be the problem.”

“I can not resume it to just only one. Even if she was my only one. I loved her, like I never thought I could. I’m not a loving person, you know? I can look happy, but I am not. Only with her things felt real, different, marvelous!”

“Sir, please, stop. If you don’t have an emergency, I feel obligated to end this call. So, I’ll gonna ask you again: Is it something wrong?”

“Everything is wrong, god damn it! I couldn’t see her walking away. Not now, not with somebody else, you know. Not in our spot, months later, acting like nothing ever happened. We could have celebrated our love years from now if she…”

“Sir, I’m gonna have to stop you right there. If you have a emotional problem, I can refer you to an anonymous line where it’s safe for you to talk about your feelings.”

“You don’t understand. I have no feelings left.”

“Sir, it’s no shame admitting you need help. From time to time, we all do. That’s why these free phone lines were created, so that somebody on the other side can listen to you, can make you feel better.”

“…It’s near the market. Down the slippery road, by the sea. If you come here one time, you’ll always feel the need to come back. That was our spot. The first night we spend it together, eating marshmallows by the fire, staring at the stars… Touching her in ways that I only dreamt about…”

“I understand that this call is not an emergency so if you don’t want to be referred to a help line, I’m afraid this conversation must be ended. So, have a good night, sir! Thank you for calling.”

The silence hit him in the face like she did a couple hours ago. Slapped him brutal and unexpected. Only an anemic sound, like a heartbeat, was left to scream in the cold and soon to be, dark night. There were no stars this time. Not like then when he showed her what love was, over and over again. She liked it, wanted it, even she was jiggling around and telling him to stop. Silly girl! She knew what love is made of and understood that some great love stories begin with a “no”. And their relationship was made to be great. Two lost souls in need of each other, two great spirits wanting to collide. But the other night things got weird. She avoided him for a whole week, lied that she was busy, like he would not know her schedule. Little brat…

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“… Little marbles reflecting the moonlight.”

“Sir, please repeat.”

“…Shining and shining like there’s no worries of tomorrow.”

“Oh, it’s you again. Sir, I thought that I made myself clear. This is not a poetry line, it’s designated only for emergency.”

“…I bet that she loved them. It was the last thing she embraced. I made her a present. A sparkly, shiny, bloody present for her long journey.”

“Please stop calling, unless it’s a real emergency or I’ll feel obligated to fine you for filling a false police report. Have a great evening!”

The phone was dead once again. Dead like her love for him. Dead as the night coming to surround the leftovers of a buried passion.

“That’s so tragic. It’s should have been an emergency to find her body…”

*Photo credit – minutesmatter.upmc.com

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